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XXX Lesbian Movie Sugar High Glitter City

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From the directors/producers of Bend Over Boyfriend 2 and Hard Love & How to Fuck in High Heels comes this totally authentic, wildly energetic, fabulously fun lesbian video. With a glitter-glam style that's both flashy and trashy, Sugar High Glitter City is set in an imaginary future where sugar is illegal, and dyke "sugar-hos" sell their bodies to other women to get their hands on the sweet white powder. (Okay, it's a silly premise, but it's no sillier than most porn premises, and at least it's imaginative.) The women are having a blast and are totally into doing each other, and the sex is loud and sweaty and uninhibited, loaded with screaming and moaning and dirty talk. Couples who are into lesbian porn may well like this one; it's pretty raunchy, but there's tons of attention to female pleasure, and a strong focus on faces and whole-body sensuality as well as fuck-shot close-ups. No cookie-cutter porn stars, either; these are real-life dykes-next-door (albeit with more piercings and tattoos than your average dyke-next-door), with a terrific variety of races, body types, and positions on the butch/femme scale. Pretty decent production values, too, especially considering that it's made by a small indie-porn company. Enthusiasm and passion and joy — exactly what we're looking for in a smut video. A definite winner. (2001, 70 min.)

70 Min

Cast: Shar Rednour, Jackie Strano, Simone de la Getto, Josephine, Chester Drawers, Brooklyn Bloomberg, Hella Getto, Charlie Skye, Rocko Capital, Stark, Aimee Pearl