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Lesbian Movie Girl, Interrupted

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Lesbian Movie Girl, Interrupted

The 1998 James Mangold's film ‘Girl, Interrupted’ is based on the 1993 semi-autobiographical book of the same name, and the real life experiences of author Susanna Kaysen in late 1960’s America.

It tells the story of the story of Susanna (played wonderfully by Winona Ryder), who was a very confused girl. Susanna has tried to self-harm herself, attempted suicide, fell asleep at her graduation and slept with her professor. Susanna was classed as oddity in her peer group, because she was the only member of her class who didn’t want to go onto university but wanted to write instead. After an incident when Susanna “chased a bottle of aspirin with a bottle of vodka” she was forced to be seen by Dr. Crumble, a psychiatrist friend of her father, who dubiously diagnosed her with borderline personality disorder and forced her to sign herself into a mental institution – Claymoore – for a "rest".

At Claymoore, Susanna is introduced to the staff and other inmates. There is the kind hearted chief day nurse, Valerie (played by Whoopi Goldberg); the smirking Dr. Sonia Wick (a smallish role from Vanessa Redgrave) the anorexic Janet Webber (played by Angela Bettis), the sweet-natured Georgina (Clea Duvall) who is obsessed with the Wizard of Oz and a pathological liar; Polly "Torch" Clark (played by Elizabeth Moss) who was hideously scarred in a fire as a child; a crazy lesbian, Cynthia Crowley (Jillian Armenante) and the sexually abused, enraged, aggressive laxative junkie Daisy Randone (Brittany Murphy). Her most explosive meeting was when Susanna was forcibly introduced to the self-professed boss of the ward, the charismatic but petrifying sociopath Lisa (wonderfully played by Angelina Jolie).

Susanna found herself sharing a room with the pathological liar, Georgina and soon realizes what the “rest” she was to have in Claymoore would be; she wasn’t allowed to take a bath or shave her legs without having a nurse watching over her, and, like the rest of the girls, she was forced to take regular medication.

The story then shows somewhat of a rebellion in Claymoore as quiet Susanna and the rebellious Lisa begin to make trouble. Lisa encouraged Susanna to stop taking her tablets and therapy and they get into all types of, mainly childish and harmless, pranks. In the end, Susanna learns more in Claymoore about life and living than she could have ever anticipated.

Winona Ryder plays the part of Susanna perfectly, giving alternate demonstrations of the terror, grief, fear, bewilderment and elation that the role demands; her character is very likeable. It was however, Angelina Jolie, who stole the show (and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress) she was utterly and wonderfully unstable as the sociopath, Lisa. Whoopi Goldberg and Vanessa Redgrave were their good, strong, hard working selves who guided an incredible cast of mainly new young actresses.

This is one film that really does follow the feel of the book that it is taken from. With a good portrayal of al the inner traits of each of the girls in Claymoore that were revealed in Susanna’s journal and the matter of mental illness is dealt with respectfully. The film it contains a good mixture of humour, slightly frightening and sad bits and scary bits. It also asks somber questions about the mental health policies in the 1960s in the US when a girl could be put away for a year after just a ten-minute interview and immediately diagnosed as having Borderline personality disorder.

This is a film that is both entertaining and makes you think, well worth a view!

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